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Angel’s Handyman Services became a company offering an excellent handyman service in 2022! We decided that every residential customer should benefit from 17 years of experience and a fully skilled and trained team! Get the perfection your property deserves! Have people envy all the beauty you possess at your home in Hyattsville, MD!

Handyman Service

Handyman Service

A Process Created For You

An experienced, worthy handyman knows that no two jobs can be the same, so it’s essential to create a personalized process every time! We hold on to our basics but alter every further step according to what you need, specifically. That’s what makes us the best team for your home maintenance needs!

Values That Cater to All

Values should cater to everyone, not just to one person in particular. Our values of excellence and professionalism cater to those who put their trust in us and our work! We want you to know we care and show that with the warranties we offer and the passion we display for giving you everything you want! Work with our team, and you’ll be working with excellent contractors who can’t wait to offer the perfect handyman service!

Call Angel’s Handyman Services at (240) 917-5084 to make your appointment with a reputable handyman! Residents of the Hyattsville, MD area can take advantage of perfect services and ensure their home is getting all the professional, skilled work it needs to be functional and excellent in every aspect! Get your free estimate or discount today!


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  • Flooring
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